Baking cravings

Last week I realized I haven’t baked anything for a couple of months now since the Lemon blueberry crumble and Banana muffins at the beginning of summer.

I had a craving to bake last week but didn’t materialize this on the weekend as I was too busy (window) shopping.  Pieter is away this saturday on a boy’s day out so maybe I’ll put my apron on and make one of these yummy sweets!

Top left: Chocolate fondant

I made these once and didn’t time the baking right so it was gooey but not lava-like.  It is very heavy using a lot of eggs and really needs to be eaten on the spot…so perhaps I’ll leave this for a small dinner party or something.

Top right: Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Bars

This treat reminds me of my days in NZ…I really liked it and finally found a recipe on mybakingaddiction‘s blog (MBA) which looks yummy just like what I had back then.  I find myself visiting this blog frequently and drooling over the blogger’s numerous baked goodies.

Bottom left: S’mores cookies

S’mores was a childhood camping favorite.  I haven’t had it that many times but the combination of chocolate and marshmellows still sound good to me!  This recipe is also from MBA.

Bottom right: Banoffee Pie

An all time favorite for me!  Back in Bangkok, if the restaurant or cake shop was serving banoffee, I would always order it.  I think it’s time to try it myself!  I love anything with a biscuit base, and the caramel (made from boiling condensed milk) plus bananas and freshly whipped cream sounds good right about now (even at 10 at night!)

I notice that most of my cravings include chocolate and caramel!  I wonder how many sit ups I must do to compensate for all this!  But no matter what, hopefully one of these four recipes will be baking in my oven soon…so stay tuned for which one makes it into my tummy!

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