Back-to-back baking

The house has been smelling like ripe bananas for a couple of days now as they await my baking urge.   And today was the day.  I also had to make a lemon blueberry crumble pie for a BBQ with dutch classmates.  So back-to-back baking it was this afternoon.

I started with the lemon blueberry crumble as it took longer in the oven.  I was drawn to this reciepe as it mentioned that its the perfect as a summer dessert.  And indeed, the lemon zest and the blueberry combination gave it such a delicious smell and a tangy sour to freshen the taste buds. 

To combine the ingredients for the crumble, the reciepe mentioned to use two forks, pastry cutter or a food processor…but I discovered that my mixer came with the perfect attachement. 

After I poped it in the oven, I realized I didn’t have enough eggs nor vanilla extract for the banana muffins.  And I could not not make them as the bananas were really stinking out the house!  So Pieter was so sweet to run to 5 supermarkets to pick up the 2 ingredients and some other stuff for the BBQ.   (The supermarkets here are a little annoying as the shelves are often empty and the selections are quite limited, but that’s another story).

With the vital ingredients in hand, I began the banana muffins with crumble topping .  In between melting the butter, making the crumble topping, I forgot to add the vanilla extract in so Pieter was a bit annoyed since he basically went all around town looking for them, oops!

Both the crumble and muffin finished in the oven around the same time and just in time for the BBQ.  I got compliments from my dutch classmates for the crumble, and Pieter has eaten 3 muffins in a row… I guess that says something!? :)

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